Scene and Herd in Malibu Creek State Park

CWC helps doe adopt an orphaned fawn.

Last May, CWC received an orphaned fawn whose mother could not be located. Through our research, we know it is possible for an orphaned fawn to be accepted by a doe in another herd, so we became equipped with the all the right materials to make it happen in real life.

Knowing there’s a herd of deer that feed in the Malibu Creek State Park area, CWC staff headed out to a location where a number of females had been seen in one of the meadows.

We quietly brought out the crate with the fawn, covered it and ourselves with camouflage, and began playing a recording of a fawn in distress.  When it appeared we had the attention of the females in the area, we opened the door of the crate and allowed the fawn to wander out.  After a few minutes, the adult females approached the fawn. Following an exchange of some greetings, they all walked into the forest and our healthy fawn started the next chapter of her life.