Animal Intake Trends

California Wildlife Center has cared for more than 40,000 animals since it opened its doors in 1998.

CWC now features one of the most advanced and comprehensive wildlife rehabilitation facilities in Southern California and is partnered with 8 infant mammal rehabilitators in our Home Care network. CWC is the only facility in Los Angeles County permitted to care for deer fawn and permitted to rehabilitate coyote pups as well as baby songbirds. CWC is fortunate to be the only marine and terrestrial wildlife rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles County with a full-time veterinarian supported by 50+ volunteers. 

While our current facilities have been sufficient to care for the volume of animals that we have received in past years, as you can see above, the number of animals in peril continues to grow at an alarming rate and we have stretched our space limits beyond capacity.  We are currently seeking individuals willing to invest in the future of California Wildlife Center through the donation of land and/or funds so that we may move our facility to an alternate location that allows for necessary physical growth and the ability to continue to meet the ever-increasing demands of wildlife in need.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Victoria Harris, Board President, at or by calling (310) 458-9453 ext 100.

We also couldn’t do what we do without our mighty staff and the more than 50 volunteers who logged in over 27,000 hours last year.  To them, we say THANK YOU!

2014 Annual Report

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