From Humble Beginnings

Since 1998, CWC volunteers have been outstanding in their field!

In a quiet area of the Santa Monica Mountains - on land generously provided by California State Parks - sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife receive quality medical care and rehabilitation, with the intent of releasing them back into the wild.

Founded in 1998, CWC was initially an organization of dedicated volunteers working from home. At this same time, Aaron Frank was making a transition from having successful law practice in Atlanta to a becoming a wildlife rehabilitator and environmental champion. Soon after getting his hands dirty at the 1997 oil spill at Point Reyes National Seashore, he took the opportunity to help California Wildlife Center transform itself into a fully functioning wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center.

The organization was granted use of an old ranger station in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu. This remains the primary facility and provides administrative space and a base of operation for staff.

In 2006, a new Intensive Care Unit facility was completed.  In 2008, our aging baby Care Unit was re-vamped to provide better space and light for the young orphans residing there during the year.   We currently have several large flight pens, small flight pens, small mammal enclosures, state-of-the-art fawn and coyote rehabilitation enclosures, and an outdoor skunk enclosure along with a surgery center, necropsy center and rabies vector unit.  In 2013, CWC was able to expand our capabilities to provide facilities for the rehabilitation and release sick and/or injured marine mammals in our region.