Coexistence is Key

Wildlife can potentially interfere with human activity. Raccoons empty trash cans, deer raid gardens, and birds nest in chimneys.

Coexistence begins with the understanding of how to share our communities with wild animals. In order to do this, we need to educate individuals about the animals in their environment and provide solutions to existing problems, such as helping a neighborhood discourage a prowling coyote.

When people learn about the hardships animals face each day, they are more willing to take an active approach by protecting the natural environment and the habitats of our wild neighbors. At CWC, we continue to educate communities, and in doing so, we are challenging homeowners, teachers and businesses to continue learning about our environment and enriching the lands we live and play in.

Many people call us for advice on living with wildlife. You will find helpful tips for transforming problem animals into much-appreciated friends, plus profiles of your wild neighbors in our Coexisting with Wildlife section.