Adult / Family Programs

  • At the Center

California Wildlife Center is an interesting and inspiring destination for all! Twice each year, CWC opens its doors to the public – each spring and fall; offering (free) opportunities to:

  • Meet the Staff: Ask the Marine Mammal Response Team about why seals and sea lions “strand” themselves on the beach and what you can do to help. Ask our Hospital Techs and Volunteers about how to recognize when a fledgling bird should be left alone and doesn’t need medical care. Ask Dr. Tom about his most unusual wildlife cases.
  • Take Guided Tours: View an informative video followed by a tour of the Center led by one of our knowledgeable volunteers. Visit the Intensive Care Hospital, the Baby Care Unit and several of our species-specific Outdoor Enclosures where animals are learning to “be wild” again before their release.
  • Enjoy refreshments, children’s art activities, face-painting and Up-close Encounters with Rescued and Educational Animals.

Check our "News and Events" section for specific dates.

  • In the Community

CWC is out and about every day – rescuing marine mammals and transporting them to San Pedro and responding to calls about animals in need and the best/fastest way to get them to the Center. Our staff and volunteers also attend or have booths at many local events. Specific dates and locations can be found in the “What’s News?” section.