Wildlife Curriculum

CWC’s Wildlife Education Program and Curriculum was initially developed through the generous support of the Annenberg Foundation.  Over the course of 2 years (2004 – 2006), CWC was able to educate more than 8,000 children and adults through in-class presentations, at-risk youth after-school programs, summer camps, scout troops and community group meetings.

We are currently and actively seeking financial support to re-instate a full-fledged program called “Wild Smart.”

Why is a program like “Wild Smart” needed?

California Wildlife Center’s (CWC) “Wild Smart” Education Program, hopes to dispel misconceptions and instill a sense of understanding, respect and responsibility for the protection of our local wildlife.  This Program will feature a combination of traditional classroom style-lectures combined with hands-on activities at our facility located on California State Park property in the Santa Monica Mountains.  Our unique rural environment will allow students to get outside and use their senses to connect with nature through a variety of program modules.

What does the Program teach?

Our “Wild Smart” Program will teach children and adults accurate natural history and ecological science, so they can protect our fragile environment and become ambassadors for wildlife.