Coexisting with Wildlife

The cold, nutrient-rich waters off the California coast support a variety of sea life. The seals and seabirds that share our shores are visible proof of this underwater wealth. Further inland we live with a variety of wildlife, from those who have always thrived in this arid region, to those who have learned to adapt to the urban environment.

This wild presence gives us a greater sense of where we belong in the larger scheme of things. For many people, it embodies a sense of freedom, a counter balance to our busy urban existence. However, finding harmonious coexistence with wildlife is not always easy. Seabirds eat trash and become ill, seals become entangled and trapped in discarded fishing line, and baby squirrels are orphaned by spring tree-trimming. California Wildlife Center is dedicated in providing assistance to these sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife for release back into the wild.

On these pages you can learn about some species of native wildlife in Southern California. Click on any link for wildlife species facts, how the animal adapts to human encroachment on its habitat, and how people can prevent problems with wildlife. Some animals you may commonly see around your neighborhood; others, such as the mountain lion, you would be lucky to see once in your lifetime.