Animal Care and Training

If you are over 18 years of age and want to know more about us, or are ready to get started volunteering today, your first step is to attend a Basic Training Class. We offer several sessions from February through September – the peak months for the Busy Season.

A cadre of 187 Volunteers logged in more than 21,500 hours in 2013.

Time Commitment and Training Requirements

Volunteering at California Wildlife Center requires that you attend a Basic Orientation training (a $25 fee to attend training applies) and make a six-month minimum time commitment. During those six months, volunteers are required to provide at least 16 hours of service a month working a minimum of one, four-hour shift per week. Individuals who are unable to commit to this minimum monthly/hourly requirement are not eligible to participate in CWC's Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer Program. You must take in a Basic Training Class prior to your first shift. Attendance at advanced training classes will be required for those participating in Marine Mammal Response as well as those interested in working in the Baby Care Unit.

Physical Requirements

Volunteers must be able to lift and carry up to 20 lbs. (up to 50 lbs. for Marine Mammal Response and Rehabilitation volunteers), navigate uneven surfaces, climb stairs and hills, and generally perform physically strenuous activities for moderate intervals of time with exposure to temperature extremes. Volunteers should have no known serious health issues.

For additional information about our Volunteer Program, please review The Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer Guidelines.

To apply, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator via email: