Internships, Externships and Veterinary Preceptorships

Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship
Marine Mammal Rescue and Rehabilitation Internship
Wildlife Medicine Externship 
4th Year Veterinary Preceptorship


Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship (Four, 10-week sessions; 2 to 5 positions per session; unpaid)

The internship program at California Wildlife Center provides a unique opportunity to gain experience in the care of injured and orphaned native California Wildlife within a rehabilitation setting. Interns will learn proper handling skills, wound care, physiology, husbandry, enrichment techniques, and natural history of native California birds and mammals. Interns will also have the opportunity to be involved in the release of our patients and work shifts in our baby bird nursery. During this very challenging internship you will work side by side with our skilled wildlife hospital staff and wildlife veterinarians.

Details about the application process can be found here. For more information, please email Denys Hemen, Hospital Manager: 


Marine Mammal Rescue and Rehabilitation Internship (Four, 8-week sessions; two positions per session; unpaid)

Marine Mammal Rescue and Rehabilitation Internships are filled for 2016.

This internship will provide an exciting and challenging educational experience in the marine mammal field, while also allowing for additional hands-on experience with other native California wildlife. The interns will be working closely with the Marine Mammal staff in all aspects of stranding response and marine mammal rehabilitation; including logistics, assessment, capture/restraint, transport to the marine mammal rehabilitation facility, animal care, educating the public and public relations. In addition, interns will provide support to CWC Hospital staff in animal husbandry tasks for avian and terrestrial wildlife.

Details about the application process can be found here. For more information, please email Jeff Hall, Marine Program Manager: or phone (818) 222-2658.



Wildlife Medicine Externship 

Under the tutelage of CWC Animal Care Director, Duane Tom, DVM, externs will work on-site at CWC’s facilities in the Santa Monica Mountains; 6-8 week sessions on a rolling basis from March through November with a maximum of two qualified participants per session; unpaid.

Experience in wildlife rehabilitation and/or work in domestic veterinary clinics is highly recommended. However, because this program is directed at providing an introduction to wildlife medicine, enthusiasm and the ability to learn are the most important qualities.

Veterinary students and pre-veterinary applicants as well as those applicants who demonstrate a prolonged interest and a career in wildlife medicine will be given priority.

Details about the 2016 application process, can be found here. Externships are filled through the end of August 2016.

For more information, please email Duane Tom, DVM, Director of Animal Care: No phone calls, please.


Wildlife Medicine Preceptorship

Under the direction of Dr. Duane Tom, this Veterinary Preceptorship offers students the opportunity for hands-on experience with soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, necropsies and various diagnostic modalities; 4 - 8 week sessions are offered on a rolling basis throughout the year with a time commitment of approx. 48 hours per week; unpaid.

This program is for students undergoing their 4th year clinical rotations only.  Previous experience in wildlife rehabilitation is highly recommended.

Details about the 2016 program and application process can be found here.  The Wildlife Medicine 4th year Veterinary Preceptorship application can be downloaded here.  For more information, please email Duane Tom, DVM, Director of Animal Care: No phone calls, please.