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Marine Mammal Rescue, Rehab & Release
Elephant Seal

Marine Mammal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release!

The rescue, rehabilitation and release story of marine mammals on the coast of Malibu. Video by CWC Supporter Kimberly Barker . [2:40]

Re-Nesting a Baby Hawk

Re-Nesting a Baby Hawk!

California Wildlife Centers Raptor Re-Nesting Program offers these young animals the greatest opportunity for success in the wild. Video by Lisa Coffey/CoffeyTalk. [4:04]

Mule Deer/Fawn Release

Featuring…Five Fantastic Fawns

After months of care from infancy to rehabilitation and preparation, California Wildlife Center released five orphaned Mule Deer fawns in October.

Enjoy watching them as they cautiously emerge from CWC’s fawn enclosure onto the Backbone Trail in Calabasas.